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Pregnancy associated changes in the body can lead to various aches, pains and challenges. Each trimester brings new demands on the body, placing different demands on the spine, the muscles, the joints and the body's system: circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, respiratory, etc.

Exercise during Pregnancy helps with the physical, hormonal and emotional changes experienced throughout each trimester. 

PTPILATESPLUS prenatal program incorporates pilates and other beneficial exercises to support the body through these changes. Adapting the exercises as the body changes, so the client can continue to enjoy a great workout knowing they are in safe hands. 

  • Exercises Specific to each Trimester

  • Pregnancy Related Posture & Posture Ailments 

  • Prevention and Alleviating Pregnancy Related Aches & Pains: Back Ache; Sciatic Pain; etc 

  • Preparation for ChildBirth

  • Preparation for Physical Demands of Motherhood

  • Diastasis Recti & Pelvic Floor Education


Exercise after Pregnancy needs to be as specific as pre-baby. The body continues to go through various physical changes and challenges.

PTPILATESPLUS postnatal program is specific to the client, their birth experience and their daily physical emotional challenges. This program is focused on health and wellness, working progressively on realistic goals to get the client back to feeling good and looking good. 

  • Specific to Type of Birth & Birth Experience 

  • Diastais Recti Recovery + Pelvic Floor Eduction 

  • Program from Birth to Back to Regular Exercise

  • Program to Support the Needs of The Body with The Challenges of a Growing Baby

  • Psychology of Exercise & Health in Supporting a Mum 

  • Circle of Care: Working Alongside Medical Professionals when needed

Young mother doing yoga with baby at hom
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