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COVID19 & Exercise and The Online year later.

By the afternoon of 20th March 2020 all live exercise sessions were brought to a stop. Within 7 days I found myself teaching my first online session.

The Online Exercise Revolution had kicked in.

At 9.30am every morning of Spring 2020(not weekends)...I would look out my kitchen window and watch my neighbour in her garden do her online training.

She would set up her mat, wave hello, thus knowing it was live and proceeded to do her Jumping Jacks and Squats.

I had to practise a vast amount of self-discipline to stop myself from shouting out instructions from my window. For Goodness sake....Jumping Jacks are so 1980's!

On a more serious note, COVID19 forced many of us...clients and trainers move forwards into an online platform.

I have been a trainer for over 22yrs. Successful in teaching groups in health clubs, building up a successful personal training business and going on to teach some high-end clients and in reputable establishments...and I have dragged my feet to develop an online business.

I wanted to do it. I knew I needed to do it. I was resistant to doing it. I was frustrated that I wasn't doing it.

I was also tired of clients asking me for an online platform and very embarrassed that I didn't have an online presence. I was extremely resentful ..and vocal about it, of celebrities and novices building an online fitness business with no experience nor qualifications.

And then there was COVID19.

It took a virus to bring me into the life we live in. It's taken a virus to bring most of us into or out of something. It took a virus to give me the time, the head space and the opportunity to finally take the plunge into an online business.

From the first Lockdown, there were trainers out there that were thriving.

The ones that already had an online platform. The ones that had dropped off equipment at their clients homes so they could train at home and join the online sessions.

Then there were others. The ones that panicked. Selling off their equipment. Downsizing. Thinking that they needed to find an alternative career.

Some waited a few months to see how things went....thinking the virus would be over sooner than later....later came and they were forced into the world of online teaching.

The market is saturated...there are 10billion online exercise classes out there.

From reputable trainers and wanna be trainers. Free online classes everywhere.

Most people I speak to are busier than ever...trying to keep with all their online sessions.

There is a divide...some people are healthier and fitter than ever.

One of my clients is now running 30mins three times a week after having disc surgery. Working from home has improved her work/life balance.

Another doesn't want to go back to the office as wants to continue with all of his online classes as doesn't feel he will have the time for all his classes when they go back to live. Others are finding that without their special office chair, their back is seizing or they are working endless hours at home and the pounds have crept up.

Twelve months online sessions are still going.

No, I am not doing as many training hours as I did face-to-face....nor am I spending endless hours commuting nor sitting in Pret a Manger killing time between clients.

I have managed to keep my business going online, making a relatively good living and have enjoyed having the extra time to focus on other aspects of my business and loving the work/life balance.

I have designed my own logo, twice. Built a new website, cracking the Wix system.

Created YouTube videos and am in awe of people that continuously develop Youtube content as it's endless hours of prep. Is it worth it?!

Attended zoom classes with great teachers thruout the world. I haven't done enough of this.

Took the plunge to open my first ptpilates studio at home, having to wait months for pilates equipment to arrive from the US due to Covid. And finally finished writing my first blog which I started writing Spring 2020...and completed Spring 2021.

I've had delicious hours of sleep. I can wakeup 45mins before seeing a client.

The good old days meant 2hrs of getting ready and getting to the client.

With no hours for commuting, I have had time to explore my local parks and river walks, got to know my neighbours, sunbathed in my garden, ate healthy meals, drank/drinking too much wine. First time in 20years I have managed to put on weight.

And I have had time to sit and breathe and be.

I have been very conscious that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Yes, an opportunity.

COVID19 has given me this precious time to re-evalute my life and my work.

The end of the Pandemic will be bitter sweet for I will need to go back to the craze schedule that I have had for the last 20years as a trainer in London.

I go back knowing that I have clear plans to change the way I work, plans that have already been set in motion.

My hope for myself and for all you out there, is that this pandemic has touched us deeply in many ways and hopefully has changed us and our lifestyles for the better.

Let us remember these times not just for the negatives but for all the positives that we have gained and hope to retain.

Move Feel Live Better

Moving Bodies Empowering People

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